How can downloading the Gmail app in I phone? And How can Create Gmail account in phone?


Gmail is most popular free email service. Gmail is first largest company any Gmail has emerged as one of the most efficient and widely used web based email service provider. Millions people are using in Gmail account Because Gmail provided the multiple service. if you want to Downloading the Gmail app in android phone . So it is simple for that you can easily downloading the app in I phone. So some steps here you can follow the steps by steps. How do I download Gmail app to my iPhone? For read more

How can do downloading app in I Phone

If you can easily downloading the Gmail app in I phone. First open your device and follow these steps

  • Open the play store
  • After that enter the address Barr
  • After that you have infornt off of showing the Gmail app
  • So click on Gmail app button
  • After you will click the gmail app
  • So downloading will start
  • After that your app is downloading
  • Conguralation And you Gmail app is starting

How can create an Gmail account in I phone

  •  First open the Gmail account
  • Write an side option are their sign up button and sign in button
  • So click on sign up button
  • After that open the Gmail page in gmail account forum
  • So first option are their
  • First name last name enter the first name and last name
  • After that showing the mail id so enter the mail id
  • After option are their D-O-B enter this Colum
  • After that enter the password and conform password
  • Click on next steps

Congratulation you account are created In case you facing any types in Trouble in Gmail account So don’t worry you can contact same time. We solve your Technical problem in same time. Because we have 24×7 hours available for Best Technical Team and Best Engineer.



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