How To Delete History In Mozilla Firefox Browser?


Unable to Delete the Mozilla Firefox history Mozilla Firefox is free open source browser and most popular free web browser in world. And Mozilla Firefox is a very convenient web browser for the users which makes it very easy for them to maintain their browsing work. It has multiple features for the users which makes the browsing experience easy for them and allow them to accelerate their work. It provides the ease to work on multiple tabs, manage browsing history, setup home page and other features. How To Delete the History Mozilla Firefox? If you want to delete the history in Firefox browser so you can easily delete the history. Because it is common problem. You can easily solve this problem.

What kind types in Steps are Delete the Mozilla Firefox History Steps by steps?

  • First Need to open the Computer
  • After that Sign into your Google account.
  • In the top right corner of the page,
  • Click the icon and select “Remove Items.”
  • Choose time period for which you want to delete items.
  • After that delete your entire history,
  • Then select The Beginning of Time.
  • After that Clear your Firefox History

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