Easy solution setup outlook 2016 windows 10


Unable to Set up the Outlook account on Widows 10 So don’t worry it is common problem. Because Outlook Mail is free web email account and best service provider also. Windows 10 OS platform is quite different from previous versions. Though, all the apps and other compatible programs of Microsoft can run easily including outlook Mail. But in windows 10 the user-interface is different from Windows XP and 7 making a challenging task to setup such applications but if you get right guidance you can easily setup and configure outlook 2016.

Outlook mail account is set up in an important process to configure the key setting so that you can send or receive mails uninterruptedly without facing any issue. If you want to set up the Outlook mail account on Windows 10 so some steps are there following us steps by steps for read more:-

What kind types in steps are How To Setup Outlook 2016 on Windows 10?

  • First open your browser Google chrome /Mozilla Firefox/internet explorer etc.
  • After that open or launch your Outlook 2016 Mail on your computer. You can either find it from the start menu under all programs or directly navigate from the windows menu.
  • Here you need to create a new profile. Just type your name and click on ok to move further. This is the process of creating new profile on outlook mail account.
  • Enter the Exchange email account information with your name and enter the password two times to secure your mail account from unauthorized use.
  • At this stage you need to wait till outlook logs into the Mail server and in Outlook 2016 email setup you can setup more choices.
  • Now enter the credentials of Email in which you have to type username and enter password before clicking on OK.
  • After that your Outlook account is set up

When complete your process otherwise you can’t set up the Outlook mail account on Windows 10 so don’t worry you can contact outlook Tech support team we resolve your technical problem within five minute so when you facing any technical error in outlook mail account so just call Outlook mail customer service and you can online visited These websites also for more info:-



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