Easy way to fix “Unable to sign-in in Gmail” Issue


Gmail is one of the world’s most used email application that offers unique features to its users such as offline support, self destructing emails, snooze email function,  adjustment in inbox view to name a few. These functionalities make the experience of using Gmail seamless one to the users. However, this seamless emailing experience is often interrupted when you cannot even log-in to Gmail to use these features. One of the most common problems encountered by the Gmail users is that they face difficulty when they cannot sign-in in Gmail. If you are one of them, then this post is meant for you. All you need to do is stick to the article to know the solution of “unable to login in Gmail” issue.

Scenarios where you’re unable to sign-in into your Gmail account

Before proceeding for the solution, it’s important for you to know what exactly went wrong and why you cannot login into your Gmail account. To address this question, we’re giving you the possible reasons that might be causing the Sign-in problem in Gmail. You can’t login in Gmail because-

  • You forgot the Gmail password.
  • You are having difficulty in performing the two-step verification.
  • You forgot your username and the email address that you’d used in the past to access Gmail.
  • You know the password and username of your Gmail account, yet you cannot sign-in.
  • Your account has been compromised or hacked.
  • You are not able to reset your password using the text verification.
  • Other reasons

How to resolve the login issue in Gmail

Now that you’re familiar with the situation and know the reason why you cannot login into your Gmail account, then it’s high time to take a look at the solution.

Case 1: Where you have forgotten your Gmail password/ where you don’t remember your username or email ID

Solution: In case you don’t remember the password, username or email ID of your Gmail account then you need to go to the account recovery page and enter your email ID/phone number as applicable. Then follow the instructions and answer the questions very carefully. After verifying that you are the actual owner of the email account, Gmail will provide you the link to reset the password and where you don’t know your username, it will provide the necessary information needed for login. Change your password and login using the new one.

Case 2: Where you’re having trouble with the two-step verification

Solution: If you are facing difficulty in completing the two-step verification, then you can change the way you’re getting the text codes or the phone calls. However, you should remember that among the multiple codes, only the newest one will work.

Case 3: Where you remember your username or email ID but still cannot login

Solution: This situation might be occurring when you’re getting error messages, or you cannot sign-in Gmail using your credentials. To get back the access to Gmail account, you need to turn off the cookies from your web browser and clear the cache. There might be a possibility that your account t has been suspended. In such a case, you need to restore your account by filling the form available on the Gmail help.

Case 4: Where you suspect that your Gmail account has been compromised

Solution: If you have doubts about someone else using your account then you need to go to the account recovery page and enter your email id or phone number. Follow the instructions to change the password. Go to the solution of the case 1 for more help.



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