Easy Way To Turn On and Off Conversation in EarthLink Email


Do you know what is EarthLink email account? EarthLink email is free web email account and most popular free web email service and best email service provider also. EarthLink email is provided the any kind types in service like free web email service, free online chat service, free downloading service, calendar service, message service, and any different types in service provided in EarthLink email account. When users group a series of email replies into any conversation, the clutter in inbox automatically reduces. It either shows a single entry for any conversation or all the individual entries are shown for the replies. Many a times, users come up and ask, “How to turn on and off conversation in EarthLink Email” it is common problem Do you want to solve these problem so steps are there following us continue steps by steps.

What kind types in Steps are To Turn On and Off Conversation in EarthLink Email

  • First open your browser Google chrome/internet explorer/Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • Enter the URL earthlinkemail.com
  • Go to the email home page
  • After that log in to your EarthLink Email account with a web browser
  • Then, over the Settings menu
  • Now, click Viewing email option
  • Enable conversations for turning it ON or OFF
  • Finally, click on Save button

What kind types in steps Turn on or off EarthLink Email conversations for iOS

  • The first step is to open your Mail app that you have configured with your EarthLink Email account in your iOS device
  • Now tap on the menu icon
  • Tap on settings icon immediately
  • Now under the Message List, you just need to swipe the Conversations slider to turn Conversations ON or off respectively
  • Click on save
  • Click on done

How can you turn EarthLink Email conversation off for android?

  • You need to start with going to the mail app on your android device
  • Now just tap on the mail icon option
  • After that scroll down to the bottom
  • Now tap on settings icon option for the configuration purpose
  • Now swipe the conversation slider to turn it on or off
  • Click on save

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