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Google is working tirelessly to make Gmail an absolutely error-free webmail service. However, some Gmail login errors and issues still cause a lot of problems for the users. Every Gmail user has faced a Gmail login issue at least once. In case you are also a Gmail user facing any login error then you need not worry at all.  By following some simple troubleshooting steps you can fix most of the Gmail sign errors effortlessly.

In order to resolve Gmail sign-in issues, you need to fix the root causes why the problem is arising. In this post, we will discuss the complete step by step method to fix Gmail login problems.

Reasons why you are facing Gmail Sign-in errors

There are a large number of possible reasons why you might be facing errors while logging into Gmail. Some of these possible reasons are as follows:

  • Forgetting the password
  • Gmail server might be down
  • Incorrect username.
  • Incompatible browser
  • Issues with Gmail 2-step verification.
  • Gmail sync issues with mobile devices

In addition to these causes, there are many more reasons why the users have to face certain Gmail login errors.

How to resolve Gmail Login issues?            

As stated earlier, you have to get rid of the root factor causing the Gmail login issue in order to enjoy hassle-free service of Gmail. Given below are the steps to fix Gmail sign-in issues. You should follow these steps one by one to get rid of a Gmail login problem.

Step – 1: Check Gmail Status Page

  • First of all, you should check the Gmail status page to know if there is an issue with the Gmail server. As it is possible that Gmail server might be down in your area that’s why you are unable to log into Gmail.

Step – 2 Username and Password

  • Ensure that you are using the correct login credentials.
  • In case you forget Gmail password then you should follow the step given below for Gmail password recovery.
    • Visit the login page of the Gmail.
    • Click on the “Forget password” link from the bottom of the login window.
    • Enter your Email id and last known password.
    • Now, Google will send a verification code to your alternate email id or phone number.
    • Enter the verification code in the prescribed space.
    • Type-in and confirm the new password.

Step – 3: Check Browser

  • Make sure you are using a compatible browser to log into Gmail.
  • Gmail is readily compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
  • Disable all the third party add-on and applications installed in your browser.
  • You may also clear your browsing history, cookies & cache memory and then try to log in again.

Note: In order to log in to Gmail, your browser should be set to let javascript to set cookies

Step – 4 Run virus scan

  • If the problem continues even after following the steps mentioned above then you should run a complete virus scan.

We hope that the above mentioned steps help you in solving your Gmail login issue. However, if the issue persists then you should contact Google via email or Gmail help forum.



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