How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails


Get Easy steps for How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails:  Gmail is first largest company in world. Gmail is free web email service and best email service provider also. Gmail was launched on 1 April 2004. Millions people are using in Gmail account. Gmail provided the many kind types in service and facture. Gmail provided the free downloading service, free on line chat service, free message service any kind types in service provided in Gmail account. First thing How To FIX Gmail Not Receiving Email. Gmail not receiving emails became the biggest issue for a few days. Every day, many users are complaining about email not receiving in their Gmail account issue. Have you ever realize what could be the reason behind this problem and how can we fix them?

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Gmail not receiving emails on Android Phone

If you can get emails on your computer, but not on Android Phone device, this problem may be related to email synchronization issue. So you need to check incoming outgoing server settings. Make sure you have filled them correctly.

Gmail not receiving emails

Also, check the internet connection status on your phone. Make sure you are getting internet. If incoming and outgoing settings are correct but still you are having the Same issue. I will suggest you delete the account on your Apple Android phone and Reads it.

Sometime, this problem may be related to the email app as well. If your application is not updated, it may cause the problem for you. So you should try to update the email application.

Gmail not receiving emails using Any web browser

If you have directly logged into Gmail using a web browser. But still, you can’t receive emails in Gmail account. I will suggest you check the following settings. If your Gmail can send but not receive emails. This issue could be related to the email

  • So you need to go ahead and check the email filter. If you have created any filter. I will suggest you delete that filter.
  • If your gmail not receiving emails from a few email address. There is a possibility; you have blocked that email address. So you should go and unblock the email address
  • Do not forget to check out the email forwarding option. Because if email forwarding is enabled on your Google account. You will definitely face, Gmail account not receive emails.

Most probably, people face Gmail account not receiving emails just because of the filter. They create a filter by mistake, that’s why there is directly going to trash folder.

When complete your process in case you can’t complete the process so don’t worry you can contact Gmail customer service helpline number. We resolve your Technical problem within five minute only. Because we have 24×7 available for expert engineer and expert technical team. When you facing any types in technical problem in Gmail account so just call Gmail Phone Number. You can contact any time. And you can online visit Gmail official websites. For read more:-



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