Gmail failed to send the Mail? Get the best and reliable solution here


“Mail failure or mail not sends” is one of the most frequent questions which are asked by millions of user on daily basis. But could you know why this happen? Why you are not able to send the mail in Gmail? You will find your all question’s answer here in this post.

  • Basically the most common reason is your Gmail’s limit. The Gmail has certain limits to send or receive the messages. But apart from that if you exceed the limit then on the spot you will get an error message i.e. “oops the system encountered problem or you have reached a Gmail limit for sending emails”. Once this type of message has appeared then you are required to wait to sometime up to 24 hours then the limits are reset automatically.
  • Sometime your messages will reject due to large number of recipients in the Cc and Bcc list. Incase if you have to send message to large number of people so I suggest you to use the Google group which is very useful to send the message.
  • If your recipients send you a large attachment then Gmail prevents you to accept that attachment. So ask to your recipient to delete that attachment or send small file which is accept by Gmail.
  • If there is any kind of small mistake in the email address such as: quotation mark, some spelling errors, dots at the end of the address, spaces before or after an address then surely you are not able to send the mails. So, properly check your mail when you send to anyone.

Always check your web browser before sending and receiving any kind of mail. The Gmail works well in some of the best supported browser such as:

  • Internet explorer
  • Google chrome
  • Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Clear your browser’s cookies and cache, hope it works again.
  • Go to your chrome browser and click on more tool
  • Then hit the clear browsing data option
  • Now click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files
  • Now choose the amount of time which you want to delete
  • Then hit the clear browsing data button.

If you are using these above steps then surely you can prevent yourself regarding this problem.



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