How can I get back my hacked Gmail account?


Account hijacked or account hacked, it sounds something unusual but it’s true. We have heard so many times about email account hacking, so what actually is hacking? In this post we will cover all the related information about hacking and how to solve the hacking issue in Gmail.

Well, the hacking is activity or process through which any unauthorized person can easily access your all necessary data or information without your knowledge. Exactly in the same way if we are talking about the Gmail, make sure if there is any kind of unusual activity or suspicious activity in your Gmail account then you are no longer to access in your account because might be possible your Gmail account have been compromised. So, how can you know your Gmail account has been compromised? Here I share some of the points through which you can easily know the compromised state.

  • If suddenly you stopped getting mails
  • If you receive a message from unknown person or unauthorized person
  • If there is any kind of red bar on the top of your account which intimates that “we have detected suspicious activity in your account”
  • If any one of your friends complains that he receive a spam message from your side

How do you recover the hijacked email account in Gmail?

  • First immediately check, are you able to sign in your Gmail account or not? If yes, then you are lucky. Now quickly secure your account by changing your password. Choose strong password with the combination of letters, numbers and special characters so that again hacker could not hack your account again.
  • If you are capable to sign in your Gmail account but you think that your account is infected with virus so immediately install some best antivirus and clean all the virus or threats which present in your computer system.
  • But unfortunately if you are not able to sign in your Gmail account then fill the account recovery form. Once you successfully fill that account recovery form then Google will look into your matter and provides you best possible solution regarding to your problem.
  • As mentioned above, if you found any kind of red bar on the top of the screen like “we have detected suspicious activity in your account” it means the Google thinks that some unknown person trying to hack your account. So, just click on that link in the bar which allows you to see the list of devices which recently you used to detect anything suspicious.


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