How can I recover deleted Gmail Account?


If you want to Recover and Delete the Gmail account so you can easily complete these process because this is common problem. First thing what is Gmail?  Gmail is most excellent free web email service in world. Gmail is most popular free email service developed in Google. Millions people are using in gmail account Because Gmail provided the many kind types in service like free downloading service, free online service, free online chat service any types in service provided in gmail account. if you are Gmail user so you know very well what is Gmail account. Unable to recover the deleted gmail account if yes so please some steps are there so following the steps by steps for more info. First thing

How can login in Gmail account

  • First open the computer
  • After that open the browser Google chrome/internet explorer/Mozilla Firefox etc
  • Then enter the URL
  • After that open the Gmail account page.
  • Click on sign in button
  • After showing the page
  • Email id and password
  • So enter the email id and password
  • Then your Gmail account is open

How Can I Recover Deleted Gmail account?

When your Gmail account is open after that Once signed in, look for the menu button in the inbox. This button looks like a gear. It is also located in the Gmail window upper right corners. Just click on the said button. Once it drops down and shows options, locate Settings and choose it.

After that Once you are at the Settings page, you have to look for the Accounts and Import tab. It should be located as one of the tab options at the top of the page. By clicking on the said tab, you will be redirected to the Accounts and Import page.

Then Look for Change account settings locate Other Google Account settings and click on it. This should open the Google Account Management page.

When complete these process after that Once in the Google Account Management page you have to locate the Data tools tab and click on it.

Then On the right side of the Data tools page, you will see some options. Under Account management find Delete account and data.

Then confirm that you want to delete the account. Once you click on the Delete account and data option, a warning will appear, and your confirmation is needed for deleting the account. Check each of the boxes you see to confirm your understanding regarding the loss of access to related services. The boxes will not refer to what services you will be losing access to. What these boxes mean is that you are just acknowledging that you will lose access to the said services.

After that Click on the Delete Google Account. And you are done in case you can’t complete the process so don’t worry we resolve your problem our Tech support team. You can contact Gmail support team. Our team is resolving your technical problem in within five minute only. Because we have 24×7/365 days available for best engineer and best technical team. so when you facing any trouble  so you can contact us.



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