How Can Users Delete Mozilla Firefox History?


Mozilla Firefox is free open source browser. Mozilla Firefox is free web browser many people are using in Mozilla Firefox browser. Because Firefox browser is many kind types in service provided like free downloading service Firefox app service. Any kind types in service provided in Firefox browser. Mozilla Firefox was launched on 23 September 2002. Firefox is fast browser.

How Do I Delete Browsing History in Firefox?

 If you want to Delete the Firefox history so you can easily delete the History. Because it is common problem and if you are using in Firefox browser so you can easily downloading the video like movie/ app /song. Because Mozilla Firefox is free web browser. How can delete the Firefox history?  Following these steps

  • First open your Computer/laptop etc
  • After open the Mozilla Firefox browser
  • When your browser is open after that showing the page Firefox home page.
  • After that Open Mozilla Firefox and click on History icon.
  • Click on Clear History, and then click on clear. By doing so, Mozilla will clear the caches and all the recent searches along with the website icons that are displayed in the search and address field.
  • To delete entries, click on History, and click on Show History and select the specific entries to delete them.
  • To clear items automatically, click on preferences option and then click on General. Select an item from the Remove history items and click on delete.

When your process is completed. In case you facing any types in trouble so you can contact Firefox customer support team. Because we have 24×7 hours available for best engineer and best technical team. And when you facing any types in technical problem so you can contact any time. When you facing problem in Mozilla Firefox browser so don’t worry you can contact same time. And you can online visit Firefox website.



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