How do I get rid of viruses and adware on Google Chrome web browser?


Google Chrome is a famous web browser and uses for surfing and browsing web pages. It loads many web pages in very short period of time. Moreover, it also consumes less internet data. If your Google Chrome web browser is constantly showing advertisement, pop ups and automatically redirect on unwanted websites while browsing internet, it means your web browser has been infected with adware or viruses.

Once the adware or malicious program has installed in your system, it will create many problems and generate interrupt while visiting on websites. It will promote other malicious programs to install on your PC. To save your PC from viruses and malwares, you have to scan your PC with anti-malware program or Google Chrome Clean up tool. Tools will detect all malicious programs and kill them.

How you will know that your browser has been infected with viruses

We are mentioning here all common symptoms which create problem to Google Chrome web browser. You can read these points carefully and fix the problems.

  • It will show advertising banners on your web page.
  • It promotes fake updates and prompts you to install them.
  • Other malicious or adware infected programs will installed automatically on your browser without user’s knowledge.
  • It will show advertisement and pop ups messages.

How To Remove Adware And Viruses from the browser?

To remove malicious programs and viruses, you can scan your Google Chrome web browser by using Chrome Clean up tool. You can perform steps on your PC sequentially.

  • Download Chrome Clean up tool through the official website.
  • Double-click on downloaded file.
  • It will show prompt window, click on “Yes” button to running.
  • After installing successfully, open tool and click on scan
  • It will detect all malicious programs and adware and show a list of viruses.
  • Click on clean button to remove all programs from the system.

Need help?

If you would like help for Google Chrome web browser problems, you can ask or contact with Google Support Service. They will provide more crucial information regarding your web browser problem.



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