How do I link multiples Gmail account together?


Today Gmail is not only for a web mail system but apart from that it is a fully fledged email client which combines your all email address in one place. It doesn’t matter you have another email account; you can simply links multiple account with Gmail. Here is share some of the simple steps so that you can easily link your email account together.

You can add second email address:

  • First open the Gmail account then go to setting icon and click on setting option, after that click on account tab under the setting option.
  • Here you have to select “when I receive a message sent to one of my address” then click on “add another email address” option. After that a new window will appear where you have to fill the correct information of you secondary email account and hit the next button.
  • Now click on send verification option then go to secondary email address and click on the verification link.

Now forward incoming mail:

  • Click on forwarding and POP/IMAP tab in your secondary email account. Then type the primary email address in “forward a copy of incoming mail to box” and choose any of the option like: keep Gmail copy in the box, archive Gmail’s copy, and delete Gmail’s copy and click on save changes.

Then create a label:

  • Now move to your primary email account and scroll it until you find the option of label which is located at the left hand side of the window.
  • Then click on edit label and click on create new label and type any name for your label and finally hit the create option.

Finally create filter:

  • In your primary email account click on filter tab option which is located at next to label tab and click on create new filter.
  • Here you have to type the secondary email address in TO: box & click on next button.
  • After that click in the box which is next to skip inbox to select it. Again click in the box which is next to apply the label to choose the label which you created from drop down list and hit the create filter.

Here you successfully merge your email account in Gmail. But still facing any kind of issue regarding Gmail then contact with Gmail technical support.



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