How Do I Reactivate My Gmail Account Steps By Steps Procedure


Once you delete your Gmail account for any reason but at the same time you want to reactivate your Gmail account so is it possible reactivates that Gmail account again? Well for some user it seems big task to do so because due to lack of technical skill they didn’t reactivate their Gmail account. But once you considered this post, then surely you will know how to reactivate the Gmail account again. Find the easy steps here.

First of all for your kind information I let you know, once you delete your Gmail account, you have only two business day. And within these two business day you can only recover your deleted Gmail account so be faster to recover your Gmail account.

  1. For this reactivation, first go to Google password assistance page. Here on sign in page you have to select I am having problem other problem signing in. Now you have to enter your deleted email address and click on continue button.
  2. After that you will automatically redirect to other page where you will be ask for the most recent password which you remember. So enter your old password here and hit the continue button.
  3. Again you will redirect to a page which informs that your account was deleted. Here you find the link to a recovery request form. Just click on that. But make sure, if you didn’t get that recovery request form link, then might be possible your Gmail account was permanently deleted. There is no any other option to recover it. Your all game is finish here. But once you get that link just click on that.
  4. In this recover request form you will find the series of verification steps to complete. Now immediately enter the email address which you want to recover and answer the question about your password. Like you last account access or when you create your account.
  5. After that Google will look into matter and confirms that you are actual owner or not. If everything should be OK, then wait for response. After sometime Google will send you an email to the address you provide. Once you get the link just click on that and create a new password for your Gmail account.

It’s done! But it takes some time to download your all data so you have to wait for some time.



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