Stop Emails Going To Junk Mail in Outlook


Why my Outlook Email account won’t send to the Inbox?

Outlook email is most popular free web email service and best Email service provider also. Many people are using in Outlook email account Because Outlook mail is provided the many kind types in service like free email service, free online chat service, free downloading service any different types in service provided in Outlook mail account. We all find it irritating to browse the junk email folder every single occasion. Instead of residing at the inbox, these emails tend to be located in the junk email folder. It is indeed a problematic situation. Well, no need to be worried as we have come with two extremely powerful solutions. Outlook interestingly provides you a feature to prevent emails from going to the junk folder. To get the answer to your question, why my email won’t send, you need to operate this feature carefully.

Adding the address of email sender to the Safe Senders List in Outlook

Adding the address of email sender to the Safe Senders List in Outlook mail is a prominent way to deal with the concerned problem. To move with it, you need to make the selection of an email that is likely to be removed from the Junk folder. A right-click on it will help you to select the Junk icon. This step has to be followed by the selection of Never Block Sender. A pop-up box will appear now which will remind you that the sender has been added to the Safe Senders list. Outlook Customer Care Number now requests you to click the Ok button. Once you have done with this process, your email address will not be will not be filtered to the Junk folder from now and on wards.

Marking email and email sender as Not Junk in Outlook Email Account

You can easily mark this email and it is sender as Not Junk to prevent it from jumping to the Junk Folder. It is suggested to you if a normal email has filtered to the junk email folder. Please get into the Junk Email folder and select the email which is needed to be marked as Not Junk. Once you have selected it, you are suggested to visit the Home tab. Here you will get the chance to select the Junk icon which should be followed by the Not Junk icon. The Not Junk dialog box will appear now. It has to be checked by you in order to place your emails direct to the inbox. You should not forget the contribution of Outlook Technical Support Number as it is backed by a great team which will always be there to assist you with any kind of mess or confusion during the execution of troubleshooting process.



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