How to Block an Email Sender in Outlook?


Are you pissed off unwanted message on Outlook? Don’t worry you can now easily block emails from unwanted senders in Outlook, who is annoying you since long. You will never see those uninvited emails anymore. However, blocking those undesirable emails will not block junk or spam emails from dropping in your Outlook inbox. Outlook mail is most excellent free web email service. Many people are using in Outlook mail account. And Outlook mail provided the different kind types in service like free email service free online chat service any many kind types in service provided in Outlook mail account. if you are using in Outlook mail account so you know very well what is Outlook and what kind types in service provided in outlook account. But User Sometime facing trouble in outlook mail account. How To Add Outlook Mail Signature? For more info and following the steps by steps.

What kind types in steps How To Add Outlook Mail Signature?

It is Simple types. and Simple Process. Once you block the emails from any specific brat then entire emails from that sender will be automatically deleted forever. You can use this blocking feature to block up to 100 email addresses. But, let me clear the air blocking a large number of potential addresses won’t help you protect your account from spammers. Every time spammers can use a new email address to send you the bulk of junk emails. Let me tell you currently, you can block unwanted email addresses only in the desktop version of Outlook Mail, not on the mobile app. However, here is the easy tutorial, which you can use to block any specific user or a group of spammers in your Outlook Mail.

How to Block Emails from Undesirable Senders in Outlook Mail?

  • First open your Outlook Mail account
  • After that go to the Setting gear icon and click in to open.
  • Scroll down to select “Blocked Addresses category”.
  • Enter the unwanted email address under “Add an address”
  • After that Click on “Block”
  • Now click on “Save”

How to Block an Email Address in Outlook Mail Basic?

  • In order to add an email address to the list of blocked senders in Outlook Mail Basic
  • You should make sure if the Options are selected in the top Outlook Mail Classic navigation bar drop-down menu
  • After that   Click on the “Go”.
  • Then Click to open the Blocked Addresses category under Advanced Options
  • After that Type the email address you want to block under Add an address:
  • Click on plus sign.

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