How do I change my password on Gmail?


Gmail is well featured & advanced web mail service provider who offers us unlimited features and services so that user can perform their mailing activities in an effective way. But unfortunately in some circumstances users have to change or reset their Gmail password. But why? Suppose if any user working with their Gmail account and meanwhile he found that someone else access their account or hack their account. In this case users have to immediately change or reset their password. But if you don’t know how to change or reset the Gmail password then immediately check out the points which I mention below.

How To Do Change My  Gmail password?

• For password change you have to sign in my account page then select signing into Google under the option of sign-in & security.
• Then here you have to choose the password and select change password.
By this way you can easily change your password in Gmail. But now I will tell you why you have to reset your Gmail password and how you reset your Gmail password.

1) Mostly user forgets their Gmail password that’s why they are not able to continue their work again in Gmail. Here you have to reset your password. Go to account support page of Google and quickly follow the steps or instruction which is given there. After that Google will ask you some of the questions which are related to your Gmail account. If you successfully give all the answer then you are capable to reset your password.
2) Some users feels that, another person access their Gmail account, if is it so then immediately reset your password. Again go to account support page and properly follow the instruction which described their. Now Google will ask some of the normal questions that relate with your Gmail account. If you clearly give the answer then your password will reset.

This reset condition is appear only when if our password is too weak that’s why the hackers can easily get our password and steal our all important data and information. So, how can you protect from this issue. If you didn’t know then look below and solve it.
• Protect your account by adding the recovery mail address and recovery phone number.
• Using different password for your all account such as: email account, bank account, social account and so on.
• Use combination of letters, numbers and symbols for your password so that hackers never hack your personal account.
• Always up to date your password backup option.

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