How to fix the Gmail password problem on ipad?


In this modern and innovative era people prefer technology for getting their work done. If we see around our self we find technology plays a vital role in every field whether it is science field, engineering field, medical field etc. Today’s latest smart phones are on the hit list of technology because through its touch feature we can explore the interesting facts of the world.

If this smart phone is attached with any web mail services like Gmail then its features become double. Because with the latest technology and enabled with Gmail can do lots of things together. You can simply mail to anyone, take the mail backup, create multiples of account, send mail to other mail account and many other things you do with that.

But according to an old saying “a coin has two faces” which means if this technology solve our problem them sometime it creates error too. Error in the sense, the Gmail you are using in your iphone or ipad is not properly working; sometime its password is not working or many other reasons. Sometime you iphone or ipad stop getting mail and display error message like “cannot get mail, the username or password for is incorrect”. Here I share some points to quick fix your problem.

  • First immediately log out your Gmail account from all the devices like iphone, ipad, and other web browser.
  • After that go to via safari from your iphone and ipad in which you are facing the problem.
  • Then step by step follow the instruction like: you have to enter your Gmail address, password, etc.
  • Finally try to login in your Gmail account into your iphone, ipad etc.

Sometime you app or device not supports the Google security standards that’s why this type of problem has encounter. In this case, I suggest you to update more secure app that’s up to your security standards.

Might be possible your 2-step verification is not supported by the app that’s why you have to face this particular problem. Try the following solution:

  • Go to from your phone’s browser
  • Now enter your username and password, then enter the characters on the screen for verification
  • After that go back to the app and again try to sign in.

If this way you problem will solve then it OK otherwise feel free to contact with technical support for instant support.



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