How to Remove And Add Inbox Categories and Tabs in Gmail on Android?


Unable to add and Remove inbox Categories and Tabs in Gmail account in Android. don’t worry we Resolve your Technical Problem in same time Because It is common problem.  Because Gmail is free web email and most excellent free email service in world. Gmail is best service provider also because millions people are using in Gmail account and many kind types in service provided in Gmail account like free web email service free downloading service, free online chat service any kind types in service provided in Gmail account. So first thing How To add or Remove inbox Categories & Tabs in Gmail on Android? Do you want to sort your emails into different inbox tabs, like Social, Promotions, and labels?  It is very easy to add or remove any inbox, once you are done with it, you won’t need to see all messages for finding your particular email. Gmail Support would like to inform you that by all the messages sent to your account are categorized into different folders. Some of the folders are given by default and you can also add or remove several categories according to your convenience.

What Type in Steps How to Add or Remove Inbox Categories and Tabs in Gmail on Android?

  • First Go to your Application on your Android
  • After that Tap menu located in the tap left side of phone screen
  • Then Give a tap on Settings.
  • After that select your account.
  • Then Give a tap on the option of Inbox Type.
  • After that Choose Default Inbox. Select the option of inbox categories.
  • Then Add or remove categories.

You cannot select Inbox Categories if you only access the Primary category on your PC.

If you want to shift a particular email to a new category, follow these steps

  • Open the app on your Android.
  • Open the email need to be shifted.
  • Give a tap on Move and select Move to. If you cannot find the option of Move, tap more and select Move to.
  • Select a new category

In case you can’t complete the process and you facing problem so don’t worry just call Gmail customer service Phone Number. We resolve your Technical problem in same time. We provided the best engineer and best Technical team. And you can contact any time for 24×7 hours. Because we have always available for best engineer and best Team. so when you facing any Technical problem so you can contact same time. you can Online visited Our websites also.



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