How to Report a Phishing Email in


Outlook mail is most popular free web email service and best email service provider also. Millions people are using in Outlook mail account. Because it is best service provider also. Outlook mail provided the many kinds types in service like free web email service, free downloading service, free online chat service any different types in service provided in Outlook mail account. First thing How To Report a Phishing Email In Outlook mail. If you want to solve these problem so you can easily solve these problem.

How To Report a Phishing Email in

To report to Microsoft that you received an message that tries to trick readers into revealing personal details, usernames, passwords, or financial and other sensitive information  more kind your information and following the steps by steps

  • First Open the phishing email you want to report in
  • After that Click the down arrow next to Junk in the toolbar.
  • Then Select Phishing scam from the drop-down menu that appears.

If you receive phishing email from a person’s email address that you would normally trust and suspect their account has been hacked, select My friend’s been hacked From the drop-down menu. You can also report spam that is not phishing only annoying by selecting Junk from the drop-down menu. How to Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Like businesses, banks, websites, and other entities if you won’t to ask you to submit your personal information online. If you want to receive such a request, and you aren’t sure whether it is legitimate, contact the sender by phone to see if the company sent the email. Some phishing attempts are amateurish and filled with broken grammar and misspellings, so they are easy to spot. However, some contain near-identical copies of familiar websites such as your bank’s to lull you into complying with the request for information.

Common Sense Safety Steps Include:

  • Don’t reply to an email that asks you for any personal information.
  • Don’t open or download any files attached to a suspicious email.
  • Don’t click any of the links that appear in the email.
  • Search the web for the email subject line. If it is a hoax, other people may have reported it.
  • Be particularly suspicious of emails with subject lines and content that include:
  • A request to verify your account immediately or the sender will close it
  • An offer of a large sum of money in exchange for your account information
  • An announcement that you’re the big winner in a lottery you don’t remember entering
  • A request for emergency financial help from a friend who is supposedly on vacation
  • A threat of bad luck if you don’t reply
  • A notification that your credit card has been hacked

How Can I Contact Outlook Mail Technical Support Team

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