How to Secure Your Gmail Account against Hackers?


Today we are using numerous of mailing platforms like: yahoo, Hotmail, road runner, Gmail and many others. But their owners are not serious about their mails, they thinks that the emails are just only for sending and receiving the mail. But this is not true; actually emails are most important assets for each and every user because apart from mailing activities some important information is stored in your inbox.

Some of the users prefer only one account to open different other account which create problem or the users because this is the loop hole for hackers and they easily hack your Gmail account. But mark my words, if you are serious about your Gmail account then quickly follow the below points to secure your Gmail account.

How do I secure my Gmail account against of hackers?

Access the security setting to protect your Gmail account from hackers. First login in your Gmail account then hit your profile photo which is located at top of the screen and choose my account to get your dash board. After that click on “sign in to Google” under sign in security option.

  1. The password play a vital role to protect your account from hackers but only when if you choose strong password for your Gmail account. Here I suggest you to choose strong password with the combination of letters, numbers and special characters so that no one can easily hack your Gmail account.
  2. Another option is 2-step verification process which is the best way to protect your account from the hackers and spammers. Once you enable this process in your Gmail account, then surely your account will be protect against of hacking. To enable this feature: go to your Gmail account then move to your profile and choose the option “my account” then select the option sign in & security and then go to “password & sign-in methods” here you will see the option of 2-step verification, just turn it ON.
  3. Another way to protect your account is, change your Gmail account’s password within 3 to 4 months of time period.
  4. Always check your account activity to protect your account from hackers and spammers. First you have to sign in your Gmail account, and then look bottom of the page where you find the option of “last account activity” then click on details option. Here you will see the access type, location and date.

By these ways you can protect your account from being hacked.



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