How To Send Email Using Another Address From Your Gmail Account?


Gmail is most excellent free email service in world. Millions people are using in Gmail account Because Gmail provided the many types in service like free email service free online chat service any different kind types in service provided in gmail. So How to send email using another address from your Gmail account. If you want to solve this problem so you following the steps by steps continue. First need to Open your Gmail account.

How To Login in Gmail Account?

  • First open your Computer / pc
  • After that open the browser Google chrome Mozilla Firefox /internet explorer
  • After that enter the URL Barr “”
  • Then open the Gmail account page
  • After click on “Sign” in Button
  • After that enter the “email ID and password”.
  • Then your Gmail account is open.

When your Gmail account is open after that you complete the next process. How to send email using another address from your Gmail account

  • First open your Gmail account
  • After that click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then click on Setting button
  • After that click on account and import
  • Click on “Add another email address you own.”
  • In the new window that appears, enter a name, and put in the email address you want to add to Gmail. Then, click “Next Step.”
  • After that you will now be asked to provide verification that you own the email account you are trying to add to Gmail. Click “Send Verification.”
  • Log into the email account you are trying to add to retrieve the verification code that Gmail sends you. Enter that code in the field next to the button that’s labeled “Verify.”
  • Now, when you compose a new email, you will be able to select the email address you just added by clicking on a drop down in the “From” field at the top of your message.

In case you facing trouble in Gmail account so don’t worry we resolve your Technical problem in same time.



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