How To Setup Outlook Mail Account on iPhone/Android?


Are you using in Outlook Mail account and if you want to setup the Outlook Mail account on I phone /Android Phone it is Very easily for that why don’t you go ahead and access it on your Smartphone? Outlook Mail is free excellent email service and Outlook mail is many kind types in service provided like free email service free online chat service many types in service. You can Setup the Outlook account in kinds in two methods. First Most important thing is you have should be available in internet connection. Either you can install the app or you can stick to the mobile browser. Outlook Mail apps either for iOS or for Android provide you with the full mobile experience of your Outlook Mail to your Smartphone. Outlook Mail app keeps you organized as you can access all your email accounts at one place, share photos etc. So How to setup the Outlook Mail account on Android phone/ phone.

How Many Types in Steps are How To Set UP Outlook Mail Account in Android Phone / I phone?

Install Outlook Mail App on iPhone/iPod/iPad: For the extensive mobile experience of the Outlook Mail install the Outlook app from the App Store. Some steps are their following us.

  • First open your Smart Phone after that
  • Unlock your iPhone and open the App Store.
  • Tap Search and enter Outlook Mail.
  • Tap on Install or Get.
  • Authenticate via finger print or phone lock code.
  • Outlook Mail app shortcut will appear in the menu.

Install Outlook Mail App on Android Make your email experience a bit easier by installing the Outlook Mail app on your Android Smartphone. Your Android Smartphone must be connected to a Google account and an active network connection is also required.

  • Unlock your Smartphone and open the Google Play Store.
  • Tap Apps
  • Go to the search.
  • In the search field enter the Outlook Mail.
  • Tap Install.
  • Tap “Accept” to download the app.
  • Find the Outlook Mail app in the menu and open to access it.

Outlook Mail via mobile browsers: Outlook Mail can also be accessed via a pre-installed mobile browser. On the other hand, you can also install other browsers from the corresponding app store. To use Outlook Mail on the mobile browser type “https:// Outlook” and then press Mail.

It would be better you install an app instead of the mobile version for the full featured experience. Always use the latest version of the Outlook Mail app and don’t forget to update it whenever the new updates are available.

If you are unable to access Outlook Mail on your Smartphone then, contact Outlook Team when you facing in any types in trouble so you can contact us. Because 24×7 Hours available for best engineer and best Technical Team. And you can Online Visited “Outlook mail Website” for more info. “Click here”




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