How To Solve The Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iPhone


Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iPhone: Unable to fix the Gmail incorrect password and user name error in your I phone device. In this modern and innovative era people prefer technology for getting their work done. If we see around our self we find technology plays a vital role in every field whether it is science field, engineering field, medical field etc. Today’s latest smart phones are on the hit list of technology because through its touch feature we can explore the interesting facts of the world. Because Today life Mostly people are using in Android phone / I phone /Windows phone and device and Mostly people are facing problem That is common problem. If you facing trouble in Gmail account so don’t worry we resolve your problem.  If you want to solve this Problem so don’t worry we solve your problem. Some steps are their following steps by steps How to fix Gmail incorrect password/user name error on iPhone? First need to open your I phone after that you Need to open the Gmail account after that further the Next Process For read more.

How do I fix my Gmail incorrect Password/ User Name error in I phone

  • Whenever you are getting this error message on your iPhone, first of all close all the mail clients that are accessing this Gmail account. That means close your Gmail on computer if the account is open there and the Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Now you have to open Safari on your iPhone and then go to this link.
  • Then full Gmail address needs to be entered, then password. A picture will be shown to you, type the characters of the picture in the given field. Verify your account by touching the unlock button.
  • Now launch the Mail app on your iPhone. Your Gmail access should now be restored.

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