How do I Stop spam from my Gmail account?


Can you receive numerous of mails or messages in your Gmail account on daily basis? If yes! Then beware of these emails because that type of emails or messages is considered as spam. But could you know which messages are spam or not? Here I mention some of the points which help you to know.

  1. If that type of mail considered false or misleading information.
  2. If it have some deceptive subjects line
  3. If that type of emails are coming from unmonitored market
  4. If it doesn’t tell recipients where they are located.

Or so on, if this type of information you found that then 100% that mail is considered as spam. In most of the scenario users receive unwanted emails from that people which you don’t know. Beware! Because that person may be a spammer and any how he get your email address. Make sure the spammer using several techniques to hack your account some of these are:

  1. By guessing: here they generate some algorithm and send the same message to every email address
  2. By hacking: here they leaked or hacked your email address
  3. By purchasing: here some of the companies sell list of email address by which your account may be hacked
  4. By scrapping: here the spammers using a tool on web to search your email address.

But if you want a perfect solution to overcome of this problem then you can simply use the feature of filter in Gmail. This is the easiest way to stop the spam emails.

  1. First of all you have to click down the arrow in your search box which is located at the top of the page. Then a window will appear which specify that your search criteria will appear.
  2. Want to check your search criterion is working or not, then here you have to enter your search criteria. After that just click on create filter.
  3. After that numerous of options will appear, here you have to choose which you like for these message.
  4. And finally just click on create filter.

Might be possible some of the users are not able to get these steps, but here you didn’t have to worry about that, because our technical experts are always ready to solve your query. Simply make a direct connection with our Gmail technical support and get the reliable solution.



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