How to Troubleshoot Sync Errors with the Gmail Android App?


If you are Using in Gmail account and you have comes to Sync error. So don’t worry it is common error. Because millions people are using in Gmail account Because Gmail is provided in many kind types in service like free email service free online chat service free gmail app downloading service any kind types in service provided in Gmail account so if you want to solve these error if yes so just call Gmail Support Team. Otherwise you follow these steps by steps for read more. The problem might occur due to several reasons including the incomplete and incorrect installation of software or the mail is not configured properly and a lot more. In order to deal with the problem, availing Gmail Support is the better option.

Do the following steps to deal with Sync error with the Gmail Android App

  • First need to connect your internet.

After that it may be possible that your internet connection is not working properly or it is not connected to your device. In order to check that you are connected, try to visit a website in your mobile web browser. Also, make sure Airplane Mode is turned off.

  • After that Verify the sync settings on your Gmail app

It all depends on your sync settings it might be possible that your Gmail app may not be verifying new Gmail properly and follow the next processer.

  • First you need to launch the Gmail app
  • After that click on Menu on the left button.
  • After this click on Settings
  • Then Select the account you are not getting an email for if you have more than one account
  • After that Ensure, Sync Gmail is checked
  • Verify sync settings on your mobile device

You can turn off sync for all apps at once, on your Android phones and tablets.

  • First you need to search for your sync setting and then close the Gmail app
  • After that open the setting on your mobile device
  • After this under Personal click Accounts
  • Click More in the top-right corner and then check or uncheck Auto sync data
  • Further you need to close the Gmail app
  • Open Settings on your mobile device
  • Click More in the top right corner
  • At last verify or uncheck Auto sync data

In case you can’t complete the process and you facing trouble in Gmail account so don’t worry you can contact Gmail Team. We resolve your Technical problem within five minute only. for more info visited this video :



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