How we do download attachments from Outlook in a quick manner on your PC


Outlook mail is free web email service in world. Which is one of the most excellent and widely used for the mailing system even you can handle in your mobile devices, Android as you just need to configure the email service for using it. You can contain various important attached files and others, and you have just need to one single click on download attachments in the Outlook account. Therefore, whenever you get an email with attachments, you can very easily download a copy of the attachment to your PC as well as mobile device. Here we will explain how we do download attachments from Outlook in a quick manner on your PC. Downloading And Attachment from Outlook mail account by following steps for more info:-

  • First, login into the Outlook account on your PC by entering your login credential.
  • After that discover the email which has the attachment that you would like to download and then open it by clicking on it.
  • Now, however your mouse over the arrow button (download button) next to drive button at the bottom/end of your attachments/your message. Or you can choose Save to drive button to save into your Google drive.
  • After clicking the download button, it will download the attachment to your default download folder on your PC. Then check your browser settings to view where to find your downloads. Or if you click Save to drive then you could see or look any files which you have downloaded into your Google Drive.
  • If you have multiple attachments then you have to click and download separately. Then you can see the attachments, by navigating to “attachments” folder or that folder, and you will discover a lot of folders with a random name.
  • After that you can sort the folders, located on the date, so you could find the file with the most recent ones on top or bottom. Ensure that attachment will be stored in the random folders, based on when (date) that you opened the files by Inbox application.

Some Tips & Suggestions When Download Attachments from Outlook mail for read more:-

  1. If your attachments won’t open or download, then you can solve this problem by the following ways:-

Clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

Try to check that you are using a supported browser or not.

Try to turn off extensions and then turn on, that you have on your browser.

Try to disable labs, one at a time in Outlook and then enable it.

  1. If you are choosing “Save to Drive” option to download the attachment, instead to send your email as a true attachment, you can use the “Save as PDF” option from the Print pop-up box in order to save the email as a PDF into to your hard drive then attach as normal.
  2. If you want to download the blocked attachment, then you can use other mail clients, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail,. As all its help you to a download blocked attachments, and then you can save them to Google Drive.

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