How To Resolve The Malwarebytes Has Stopped Working On Windows 10


Malwarebytes Has Stopped Working Support Malwarebytes is an anti-m02alware software that finds and removes malware from a system that can cause potential damage otherwise. This software supports different platform such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, thus adding to its extra advantages. Apart from removing malware from the system, it also removes other malicious software, such as rogue security software, adware, spyware, etc.

However, at times, Malwarebytes can create certain problems while working. The most common problem is the ‘Malwarebytes has stopped working’ issue that can be due to many possible reasons. In case you are also being troubled by this issue, check out this article to find every possible solution to the ‘Malwarebytes has stopped working’ problem.

Reasons Behind The ‘Malwarebytes Has Stopped Working’ Issue And The Ways To Resolve Them

  1. Reason: You are using an out-dated version of Malwarebytes

Solution: In case your Malwarebytes has stopped working because you are using its older version, you need to upgrade the software to its latest version. Follow these steps to update the Malwarebytes for Windows:

  • Open Malwarebytes, go to Settings, and click the Application tab.
  • Under the Application Updates section, click Install Application Updates.
  • A window will appear. Click on ok and then yes.
  • User Account Control window will appear on the screen. Click Yes.
  • Use the drop-down menu to select the setup language and then click OK.
  • Click Agree and Install and after the installation is complete, click on Finish.
  1. Reason: The program has corrupted due to any reasons

Solution: You can try reinstalling the Malwarebytes software if the program has stopped working due to this reason. We have provided the steps below to reinstall the program.

Uninstall the Malwarebytes software

  • Click on ‘start’ menu and go to control panel.
  • Select ‘program and features’ and select Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware from the list of programs.
  • Right click on the program and select ‘uninstall’.
  • After the uninstall is finished, restart your computer.

Reinstall the Malwarebytes software

  • Visit the Malwarebytes website and download the installation setup.
  • Double-click the Malwarebytes installation file, select the installation language and click on ok.
  • Follow the installation wizard by clicking on the ‘next’ button and finally click on ‘install’ to begin the process of installation.
  • After the installation is complete, click on ‘finish’ button.
  1. Reason: Any antivirus installed in the system is preventing Malwarebytes from functioning

Solution: Sometimes, the presence of an antivirus can affect the proper working of the Malwarebytes. In such a case, turn off your antivirus while performing Malwarebytes scan and after the scan is complete, turn on your antivirus.

How To Contact Malwarebytes Technical Support Team?

If you want to contact So just call Malwarebytes customer service phone number. We resolve your problem in same time. Because we have 24×7 hours available for expert Engineer and expert technical support Team.



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