My Gmail Account is Not Working in Google Play Store?


Google play store is application developed by Google. These are easy for that you can easily solve the Gmail issue. User needs a Gmail account to use Google applications. Millions people are using in Play store. I Understand your problem but it is a simple problem so don’t worry we solve your problem. First you need Gmail Id to access Google play store on your device. You can download various applications from Google play store.

How can Sign Up In Gmail Account?

  • First open your browser Google chrome/Mozilla Firefox
  • After that enter the “URL”
  • After that you have in front of open the Gmail page
  • So Click on “Sign up” Button
  • After that Option are their Gmail account creation forum
  • So fill up the forum
  • First option are their “first name “Last name”
  • After that option are their “Choose your User Name”
  • After that “Create a Password”
  • And “conform password”
  • After that enter the “DOB”
  • After option are their “Gender” and “Mobile number”
  • Enter the current “Email Address”
  • After that enter the “Location”
  • And Click on Nest Steps

You have comes to verification mail and your Gmail Account is crate. In case you have any trouble so you can contact us.

How can sign in Gmail Account?

 Open your browser enter the address Barr “” after that open the gmail page and “click on sign” in button after that enter the “Gmail ID” and “password” after that your Gmail account is Open.

Gmail Account is Not Working in Google Play Store following steps by steps

  •  First open the gmail account after that First of all clear cache data for Google play store app. To do so go to the “Settings” and tap on “application manager”. Now touch on “Google play store” and then tap on “clear cache” and OK.
  • Now uninstall the updates for Play store so in the “Google play store” option tap on “Uninstall updates” and then touch “OK”.
  • Uninstall updates for Google play service so Go to the “settings” and touch on “application manager”. Now select the “Google play service” and click on “Uninstall updates” and then touch “OK”
  • Restart your device. To do so press and hold the power button and touch the Restart option and then select OK to confirm.
  • Remove your current Gmail account so open the “settings” and tap on Google and then the account you want to remove under the “accounts” Now touch the “menu” icon and then tap on “Remove account”.
  • Now add your Google account so go to the “settings”. After this touch on “add account” and then select Google. Follow the instruction displaying on your screen.

In case you facing any types in problem so you can contact Gmail Team. We resolve your problem within five minute only. Because we have 24×7 hours available for best engineer and best technical team. When you have comes to any technical problem so you can contact us. And you can Online Visited Gmail Website.




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