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02What to do when Gmail has stopped working 2020?  Gmail sometimes annoys users when due to a number of reasons it suddenly stops working. The problem of Gmail not working is quite generic and enfolds many issues which might be causing the problem in the first place. A lot of people complain that they cannot send or receive emails in Gmail, some suspect that their Gmail account has been compromised, and they cannot login into their Gmail account anymore and so on. In this post, we’ll tell you what to do when Gmail stops working in your computer/android/laptop.

Gmail is a remarkably good email service that provides the users with the seamless experience of email services offered by it. But there are times when Gmail does not respond and freezes and those are the times when users feel frustrated. Through this post, you will get the solution of Gmail has stopped working issues in a simple manner. Keep reading to know the effective solution for this issue.

How to fix “Gmail stopped working 2020” issue

Let’s go through the reasons why user encounter Gmail not working anymore issue when they try to login into their Gmail account-

  • Incompatible browser
  • Problem with storage capacity
  • Virus in your computer
  • Gmail account is blocked due to which Gmail stops working
  • Gmail server outages down

Problem in sending or receiving emails

In case you cannot send or receive emails in Gmail then you should first check if haven’t crossed the storage capacity of Gmail. A lot of time users are unaware when they cross the limit given by the Gmail to store emails and that’s when they encounter the issue in sending and receiving emails. Here’s how to fix the problem-

  • Go to the Search box and type “has: attachment larger: 10M”, then click on the “Search” tab. Note: Replace “10” with a higher number to delete larger files.
  • Now select the emails you don’t need, and then click on the “Delete” button.
  • On the left side of the page, click on the “More” followed by “Trash”.
  • At the top, click Empty Trash now. Once you empty the trash, you will not be able to send/receive the emails.

Fixing Gmail has stopped working error message

If you’re getting this error message in your android mobile phone then doing the factory data reset will fix the issue for you. But if the message is displaying on your computer when you try to access your Gmail account then here’s what to do-

  • Make sure that the web browser you’re currently using to login into Gmail account is updated.
  • If there are extensions and add-ons are enabled then you need to disable them as sometimes these plugins and add-ons can prevent Gmail from working.
  • In case you still cannot load Gmail after performing the steps given above, then you need to clear the cache and cookies from your web browser. The settings to clear the cache and cookies vary accordingly. visit Gmail Support Page


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