Fix Cox Business Email Not Working Issue

If you are Cox business email user who is facing trouble in accessing his/her email account or unable to send/receive emails, then this post will guide you on the steps to fix the problem. Cox email stops working due to a number of reasons. There might be problem with the configuration, or server issue or outage among others. The problem of Cox business email not working can lead to serious consequences if not handled on time. The post deals with the resolution and troubleshooting for fixing the issues in a comprehensive way. Cox business email users should go through the complete post to get the solution.

Cox business email stops responding queries

Here are some of the widely popular queries that Cox business users can relate to when their Cox business email is not working properly-

  • Unable to sign in into Cox business email
  • My computer hangs when I access Cox business account
  • Cox business email SMTP server not working
  • Cox business account stopped responding
  • Cox business not opening on Chrome, Firefox.
  • Unable to access Cox business email on iPhone
  • Cox business email saying incorrect password
  • Cannot send and receive emails in Cox business email

The problems stated above are just a handful of the issues that lead to the Cox business email fails to respond. But with certain changes these issues can be dealt with in no time. To resolve the problem, you are suggested to go through the step by step instructions given below.

Steps to fix Cox business email not working problem

Here are some quick fixes to get rid of “Cox business email stopped working” issue-

  • Check your internet connectivity: If Cox business email suddenly stops responding then first and foremost you need to check if your computer is properly connected to the internet or not. Make sure that the cable and router are set correctly. The cables must not be left loose.
  • Clear the cache and cookies from the web browser: In case the problem is with the web browser you are using to access Cox account, then you need to clear the cache and cookies stored in the web browser. The process to clear the same differs from browser to browser.
  • Type the correct password: If you cannot access your Cox business email account due to incorrect password, then you need to follow the “forgot password journey”. Reset the password and then login using the new one.
  • Remove the plugins and add-ons from web browser: Sometimes the plugins and add-ons enabled in web browsers can create the problem of Cox business email not working. You need to remove those plugins and add-ons and retry login into Cox business account.
  • Uninstall the 3rd party app: 3rd party applications can create a conflicting situation, therefore, you need to uninstall such applications to make the Cox email work again. Additionally, you should remove the unnecessary apps that are no longer in use to make space in your device.
  • Disable the email anti-virus scanning feature: Turn off the email scanning feature in the anti-virus you are using. Test your email by sending an email to yourself. If you can receive the email then the problem is fixed. If not, then you may contact the Cox business customer support for further help and assistance.
  • Check the email setup: Incorrect settings can create all sorts of problem in accessing Cox business email. Therefore, you need to make sure that the IMAP/POP and SMTP settings are configured correctly. Check the incoming and outgoing port number to be 993 and 587. The incoming server should be set to and outgoing server should be set to