How to Talk to Live Person at Facebook

Way to Speak with Live Facebook Help/Support

Facebook allows the users to connect to each other by sending messages, video calls, and many more. Not only this, you can also add them friends, see the photos and videos posted by them, etc. Just as much as fun it is to browse Facebook, issues related to it can be really frustrating. Unfortunately, you cannot talk to live person at Facebook to solve your problems. But the good thing here is that you can get the support for your Facebook problems through other means. Through these support options, you can very easily fix you problems and can once again use your Facebook in an error-free manner. In this post, the different ways to avail the Facebook customer support are provided.

Common issues related to Facebook

Some common issues faced by the Facebook users are mentioned below. All these issues can be fixed by getting in touch with Facebook customer service. Not just this, all other related issues can also be fixed with the help of customer executives.

  • Issues in creating Facebook account
  • How to delete Facebook account
  • Not able to login to your Facebook account
  • Facebook forgot username and/ or password
  • Problem in sending Facebook messages
  • Error in receiving Facebook messages
  • Facebook pages not loading
  • Blocked Facebook account
  • Issues in uploading photos in Facebook
  • Problem in changing Facebook privacy settings
  • How to fix disabled ad account?

How to get in contact with real person at Facebook?

Sadly, Facebook does not provide phone support or chat or email support. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot get the necessary help required to solve Facebook issues. Although you do not have a Facebook technical support number, there are many different ways in which you can get real time support. Some of the ways include community forum, help centers, support pages, etc. All these support options are available for Facebook mobile application as well.

Help center

On the help center page, you can find the solutions to almost every problem related to Facebook. This page has been specifically designed by Facebook to help its users in all their technical and non-technical problems. The page is divided into different headers and based on the type of issue you are facing you can visit the relevant tab.

You can see various issues described on this page. Find and click on any particular issue you are facing. A new window will appear and you can now see the detailed solution to the issue. Follow the steps as described on the help center page to fix your issues.

Community forums

Another method in which you can avail Facebook customer support is through community forums. A community forum is a place where millions of Facebook users from all around the world and the customer support members contact with each other. By visiting the community forum page, you can find the solution for your different Facebook issues related to news feed, logging in, chats & messages, timeline and many more.

You can find the option to visit the community page on the Facebook help page. On this page you can type your queries in the ‘ask a question’ text box and post it on the forum. The Facebook team members and the other users who have faced similar issues in the past will provide you the different ways in which you can fix the problem. You can follow the steps as provided by them to solve the problem that you were facing with your Facebook.

Apart from this, the users can also browse through the questions already present on the community forum. If someone else has asked about the same problem that you are facing, you can find the solution without even asking it on the forum. In this way, you will not have to wait for someone to post the answer and can get your problems fixed instantly.

Business support page

To help the Facebook users in troubleshooting the issues related to their business page, Facebook has designed special help page. On this page, the users can find a list of some common problems faced by them while managing the business page along with their solutions. In case, the problem you are facing is not already present here, you can also search your issue by providing the same in the ‘search for more’ text box. Any kind and every kind of issues faced by the Facebook users such as troubleshooting or managing their business pages, billing, optimization, ads management, etc can be solved easily through this support page.

Report an issue

In case you are having some serious issues while using Facebook such as any broken feature, abusive content or even a general feedback that you are not able to solve through any means, you can report an issue. You can find the option to report an issue on your Facebook page. However, you need to be logged in to your account to do so.

  • To report an issue, go to the settings of your Facebook and scroll down to go to ‘help & support’ and click on ‘report a problem’.
  • Now, select the category under which you want to report an issue, i.e., ‘general feedback’, ‘something isn’t working’ or ‘abusive content’.
  • Select the category that defines best your issue and explain the problem briefly.
  • Click on the ‘send’ button to report your issue.
  • The support team members will get to your issue and provide the needful answers.