Outlook is an amazing email service by Microsoft that allows you to manage your contacts, tasks, calendar, etc in addition to sending fast emails. It has several features like fast creation and sending of email, inbox organization, managing of emails, creation of appointments and meeting schedule and many others. However, sometimes, issues arise while working with Outlook such as syncing errors, mail sending or receiving issues, forgot password issues, etc.

To fix these issues, a technical expertise is necessary that can solve any kind of queries with great ease. To avail this expertise, all you need to do is to give a call to the Outlook customer service on the Outlook customer support phone number. Instantly, a professional will be connected with you and will solve all your issues within no time.

Outlook Customer Service Phone Number

The best way to contact the Outlook technical support is by calling on the Outlook technical support helpline number USA. This number is available 24x7 and you can call anytime you seek assistance for your Outlook issues. When you call this number, a professional expert in handling Outlook issues will be assigned to you who will listen to your queries and provide you the required solution. Any kind of problems related to Outlook, be it simple or complex, can be solved with the help of Outlook customer support service.

Basic Outlook related Issues

A list of some of the most common issues faced by the Outlook users is given below. In case you are facing any of these issues, you can dial the Outlook customer support helpdesk number for their solutions. Any other issues that are not mentioned in this list can also be solved very easily by calling the Outlook customer service.

  • Outlook not responding Support
  • Outlook Email not opening
  • MS Outlook not connecting to server
  • Outlook Mail not updating
  • Outlook not sending emails
  • Outlook does not support background images
  • Outlook does not open links
  • Outlook Mail does not prompt for password
  • Outlook Email does not download attachments

Solutions for some most common Outlook Problems

Provided below are the simple step solutions for certain basic Outlook problems with the hope that you might solve these issues by yourself when encountered. However, if you are not able to solve these issues, call the Outlook customer support for the necessary resolution.

How to Import contacts to Outlook?

You can very easily import contacts from a CSV file by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Login to your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • Click on 'file' and then tap 'open and export'. An 'import and export wizard' will appear on the screen.
  • Select 'Import from another program or file' and click on 'Next'.
  • Now, select 'Comma Separated Values' and click 'Next'.
  • Browse the files you need to import and select any one of the following options depending on your wish:
    1. Replace duplicates with items imported
    2. Allow duplicates to be created
    3. Do not import duplicate items
  • Click on 'next' and select the destination folder.
  • Select 'next' and 'finish'. Your import will be started.

Outlook continues to prompt for credentials even after being provided correctly

If you are being asked to enter your login credentials again and again, all you need to do is to install the latest update to the Outlook and your problem will be solved.

Why contact Outlook Technical Support?

When the Outlook issues are critical, it is recommended that you seek expert guidance to solve them. The experts can help you resolve all your issues with great ease so that your work is not hampered due to such issues. The Outlook customer service can help you in many ways, providing you the exact solution of your problems, tips to avoid any future error, etc. There are several other ways in which you will be benefited by contacting the Outlook tech support. Some of the important features of the Outlook customer support that can be advantageous for you are mentioned below:

  • Certified professionals to resolve your queries
  • Outlook customer service is available 24 hours a day
  • Negligible wait time and the call is answered very fast
  • Customized solution for every problem

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